Eight Beautiful Ways to Boost ‘Being’

I have just spent the glorious bank holiday weekend all on my own.  Mr BZ was working the whole time and rather than mope about the house wondering what to do with my temporary singleton status, I decided to grab the opportunity with both hands, and spent three rare days off simply reconnecting.

Firstly I wrote a list, the inspiration came from Denise Linn’s Soul Coaching Program (which I am currently in the midst of – water week at the moment).  I began my first day in the garden with a  freshly ground coffee to hand.   I wrote a list of my Juice Zappers and Juice Boosters.   Basically anything that I am conscious of that raises my energy levels or depletes them.   For example, a few of my juice zappers are:

  • Untidiness
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Noisy Television
  • Fatty Foods
  • Too much time on the laptop
  • Too much alcohol

And a few of my Juice Boosters are:

  • Lighting Candles
  • Hot aromatherapy baths
  • Fresh cut flowers
  • Being in nature
  • Yoga

All of us have zappers and juicers, these can be objects, people or things that we simply do day-to-day.  Whilst I sat there in the morning sunshine, I made a conscious decision to zap a few zapper and boost a few boosters over the next three days ahead.

Booster Task Number One – Reconnect With Nature

  I live in London, and although I have a garden it isn’t very private (terraced  houses over looking you at every angle), not that it bothers me too much.  However, today I wanted to really reconnect with nature.  So I dusted off my mountain bike (which hasn’t seen the light of day since last summer) and popped my yoga mat into my rucksack.  Off I cycled to Greenwich Park and there I lay in the beautiful sunshine, watching the clouds roll by as the birds sang their joyful songs.  So often we are bogged down by the every day mundane tasks we have to endure again and again, that we simply forget to just be still for a while and allow our bodies to rejuvenate a little.

Having time out in the fresh air, listening to nature is a fantastic juice booster.

Booster Task Number Two – Positive thinking.

  A little bit of cosmic ordering, positive thinking, dream weaving or whatever you’d like to call it!  Mr BZ often chuckles at me as I wander off to my office with my new  ‘vision board’,  carefully created full of pictures, words or images of things I wish to create or manifest in  my life.  I love it, it keeps me focussed and it reminds me of why I work so hard.    Now you don’t have to believe in the process (although trust  me it helps).   You can simply use it as a little tool to allow your dreams to spend a little time in your conscious mind.  The soul loves the truth, so be truthful with what you’d like to improve on in your life.

On this occasion I purchased a pretty journal and spent an hour or so writing down  all the things I wanted to achieve this year.   You can get really specific, I focussed  on relationships, home and my career.  Don’t limit yourself, take yourself back to an  almost child like state and allow your imagination to flow.

I always find this a really positive thing to do, even if I am feeling negative.

Booster Task Number Three – Meditation

 Now obviously being a Buddhist I am partial to a spot of meditation, in fact I do it      a lot.  It doesn’t have to be a daunting task, it can just be a few moments sitting or  laying down in a quiet room concentrating on your breath.  Just gentle, slow  breathing to quieten the mind.  You don’t have to force anything, just allow it to happen.

I prefer to meditate outside, for me the connection to fresh air and the sound of nature enhances the relaxation aspect of the process.

If you are new to meditation there are some fabulous videos on YouTube that can guide you through simple yet effective meditations.   Keep a look out, as I may be adding some Beautifully Zen Meditations to the blog in due course 🙂

Booster Number Four – Listening to some relaxing music

  Now you can call me a weirdo but I’m not really a television kinda chick.  In fact, at  times I can find having the television on in the house really quite irritating!

Music however is a completely different matter for me.  I simply love filling the  house with the sounds of beautiful piano music, or soft relaxing sounds, it touches me on a level I cannot describe, so incredibly soothing and nurturing for the soul.

My favourite composer of all time is the Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi. His music  is simply beautiful.  I really could listen to him all day long, I would happily wheel him into my lounge, along with his piano and let him play every piece of music he has ever composed.   Lots of his stuff is free to listen to on YouTube so be sure to have a peek.  You won’t be disappointed.

Booster Task Number Five – Arrange Some Fresh Cut Flowers

  The sight and smell of fresh flowers is always nurturing for the soul.  So off I  trundled to the local supermarket and purchased a simply selection of flowers, and  on my return I spent a few minutes arranging them in two separate vases.

I then placed one vase in the lounge and one in the bedroom.  Every time I walked  into either room the scent lifted me and the sight of something bright and  beautifully in a corner of the room proved very pleasing on the eye.

Booster Number Six – Aromatherapy Associates Bath

  Now I love a bath!  I am a water sign and I find nothing more relaxing and refreshing than running a deep, hot steamy bath at the end of a hard days work (preferably listening to Einaudi at the same time).

Being a therapist I am fully aware of the healing powers of aromatherapy oils, trust me, don’t under-estimate the positive healing effects various oils can have on the body.       So off I went to Bluewater on day two and treated myself to a gorgeously scented bath oil from Aromatherapy Associates.  There are four or five different scent’s you can go for, but I chose Equilibrium, the full body over haul.  I wanted to re-balance and rejuvenate my soul.  Fill the tub up and wallow in the warm, soothing and cleansing waters and let you gentle thoughts unfold.

Booster Task Number Seven – Light Scented Candles for the Evening.

Candles are great for raising your personal energy and vibration, they also create  an incredibly soothing ambiance to any room.

To be honest, I always light candles.  In fact a few of my friends have said my house is more like a spa (maybe that’s why I own a spa?).  There’s nothing wrong with turning your house or simply a room into a little haven of your own ambiance!

Don’t worry about spending lots of money because you don’t have to.  Get yourself to Asda’s or Ikea and you’ll find you can in fact  pick up big packets of tea light candles for just a few pounds.   Scented ones are even better 🙂

Task Number Eight – Try a Spot Of Yoga

I discovered yoga just eight short weeks ago and already I am a complete yoga addict. Not only does it work for me on a physical level (already I can almost get my head on my knees when I touch my toes – a task I haven’t been able to do since I was about six!), but it also really connects with me on a spiritual level.

So on day two I packed my yoga mat back into my rucksack and headed off to my local common.    There I saluted the sun and completed a few standing poses until my blood pressure felt it had benefited and it was time to head back home.

Yoga relaxes, rejuvenates and quietens you to the core.  It’s no longer a ‘womens means of exercising’ either.  Many men are now seen in my local yoga class, and my personal one on one teacher is in fact a man! (lucky me).

All of these tasks are simple and cost almost nothing in fact, most of them do cost nothing!  So spend a little time honouring your soul, and reconnect with the things that boost your juice! 🙂


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