A Quick Energy Boosting Breath

Everyday life can be, in short, exhausting.  As much as I try to meditate, part take in  regular yoga sessions and also try to source some regular ‘me time,’ every now and again I can still find myself  feeling tired and a little lacking in the energy department.

I was taught this is a little energy boosting breathing technique some where along my journey, and to this day, I will still call upon it when I sense I need a little helping hand to get me through the day.  It’s simple, quick and very effective, working on the principles of balancing the energy centres of the body, and boosting your Ki. It will also help you refocus on any tasks at hand and alleviate stress.

It doesn’t matter where you are, at work, at home, in the supermarket or even in the car (preferably not driving!) – it just takes a few moments to focus your breath and visual the colour orange and you are half way there.

If you can, close your eyes (if you don’t feel comfortable doing this, just focus your attention on an object nearby, this will help you ignore outside noises or distractions around you).   Place your hands gently on your stomach (just below your belly button) and start by taking a deep and slow breath in, as you do so, slowly count to the number seven.  As you inhale, imagine the air you are bringing into the body is a bright, vibrant orange light which slowly moves down to where your hands are resting, deep within your tummy.  Once you have reached seven, gently hold the breath (don’t force it), and again whilst counting to seven, imagine the orange light becoming a bright ball of orange, vibrant energy, growing slowly within your stomach.   Visualise it,  feel it, experience it.  On the count of seven, slowly release your breath, (again to the count of seven), and continue to imagine the orange light is moving back up through your stomach, chest and throat cleansing  your body as it is released. 

Repeat this exercise 5-10 times, and each time imagine the ball or energy expanding gently within your stomach.  With each inhilation the ball becomes brighter and stronger and you become lighter and more energised.   Don’t rush the process, allow it to happen slowly and naturally.  If you find it hard to hold your breath to the count of seven, reduce it to say five, work with your own breathing capabilities and what you feel comfortable with.

Focus strongly on your controlled breath and the colour orange and you may in fact surprise yourself with just how much better you feel after you have completed the exercise.

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