Beauty and The Buddhist

Elizabeth Caroline London - Croatia 2017-139  Beautifully Zen

The musings and ramblings of  Elizabeth Caroline, a beauty insider, qualified healer, business owner, jewellery creator, dog lover and aspiring yogi.  My passion for all things beautiful, positive and good for the soul inspired me to create this space.

I’m here to simply share how my own meditation practice, spiritual training and mindful approach to all that is has helped me navigate through my own challenges of life. Quite simply what works for me in my beautiful world.  Remember beauty is found in kindness and the diversity of our thoughts, not just in the pages of Vogue.

You will mainly find me in a spa, in a bar or somewhere in the world on my yoga mat.

I am available for bookings at my spa Aquavie Boutique Spa, in Tonbridge Kent on Wednesdays and Saturdays.   You can also view my personal spirited jewellery collection on my website

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