5 ways to inspire others

inspire“Success isn’t about what you accomplish in your life, it’s about what you inspire others to do” – Unknown

When I was 20 years of age, I worked at Scotland Yard for the Metropolitan Police.  One of my first job roles was to answer 999 emergency calls. It was a fast paced, interesting and very demanding job. I loved it.  After a few years of answering the 999 calls, I progressed onto the role of radio dispatcher, deploying the police emergency response vehicles to the scenes of serious incidents. It involved a great deal of training, focus, and if I am honest, in the initial stages, a lot fear.

I remember, before my official training started, I had a few days of ‘live shadowing’ with a very experienced police officer. I  basically spent hours listening and watching, how he directed, controlled and deployed police units all over London, sometimes to really serious and distressing incidents.  Bob was a policemen in his 50’s. He was clearly passionate,  kind, funny, knowledgeable and exceptionally skilled at what he did. No matter how urgent, demanding or dangerous an incident was, he always remained calm, focused, authoritative and in control. His peers in the control room, quite obviously respected him, and the units on the ground, whom he spoke to over the radio, clearly trusted his directions and support.  He must have looked upon me as this young, inexperienced rookie. Naive and a somewhat clueless, yet he spoke with such enthusiasm, interest and character, I was absolutely fascinated by him. He told me stories of his early days in the job, when he had been a similar age to me, and he spoke with interest about the role he now had.  Most of all, I noted how he was dignified, always speaking without ego.  I can remember leaving work on the last day we had spent together, feeling completely inspired by him. One day I wanted to be like Bob.

Nearly twenty years on, just this week, my spa was named in the top 10 most Inspirational Spa’s in the UK and Ireland by Professional Beauty magazine, one of the leading governing bodies for the industry.  We had been voted for by other industry professionals and spa owners. On hearing the news via Twitter, I sat in my office, utterly delighted and also truly humbled.  It is an incredible feeling to be told, that what you do, actually inspires others. As I reflected on the news,  I also found myself remembering Bob, my own inspiration.

Be true to your passion – in truth, we can all be Bob, we just need to tap into our passion and then share that passion with the world, in a way that ignites the same passion within someone else. What is it that you truly love? What is the one subject that makes the fire within your heart roar? Do you want to raise money for a charity? Do you want to inspire others to get fit, or eat more healthily? Do you simple wish to share the joy you find in your hobby, or are you passionate about others find their own talents and gifts?  Whatever it is, embrace it with vigor and enthusiasm and then think about how to can share that passion with the world.

Share your story openly and honestly – People like to hear stories that are spoken in truth. A few months ago I shared an honest account of how I developed my business to what it is today. I spoke of the times I have experienced periods of utter joy, but also the periods of utter desperation and despair. Inspiring people isn’t simply about sharing all your good experiences, it’s also about sharing the more difficult periods of your life. The challenges you have managed to overcome and tackled head on, no matter how hard they may have been at the time.

Have a deep desire to help others progress positively – I find great pleasure in helping people overcome their own fears. Watching someone grow, by having the courage to do things they may have felt were in fact out of their reach or even impossible, proves as inspiring to me as it is for them. When you genuinely possess a desire to help others live a more positive life, magical things can happen, for you both.

Remain humble and speak without ego – No matter how successful you may be, it is always wise to remember from where you once came.  Take time to remember your own journey, how it was to walk up the mountain and then look back down. It is always a good way to keep your ego in check. The more you speak without ego and remain grounded, the more people will warm and relate to you.  Lets face it, nobody likes a know it all.

Remember your journey is a continuous one – Everyone of us will continue to grow and learn, through our experiences and challenges. A continuous learning cycle until we leave this earth plane. Inspiring others, is also about embracing your own journey through life. Remind yourself that the learning never ceases, be mindful to walk your path with an open heart and a kind mind. When you do this,  you will continue to attract your own inspiration from others.  And so the cycle to continues.